Resume: Matthew Rapaport. EAI/EDI/ETL data/workflow DBMS development.  

Updated spring 2008.


Summary Experience


Twenty seven years in custom, intra and inter-corporate data transfer (EAI) development, operations, and ETL for data warehouse/legacy migrations. Automated transactions with vendors/customers (EDI), databases and applications (ETL) using X12, XML, and numerous proprietary data formats. Conversant with large-project life-cycles, data driven design, and development tools -- project managers, change-control software, editors, run-time environments, compilers, etc. Designed and implemented Relational Database schemas, and both intra and inter-corporate data communication systems. Implemented large applications working in management, lead, and support roles in small and large projects. Since 1997, the much of this work was in Perl and Oracle’s PL/SQL, in both the Unix and Windows operating systems. I have experience in large scale database design, and application development, analysis, and reporting in both PC, mini, and mainframe environments, some going back many years but applied in new ways with every new employment opportunity.


Employment history


March 2008, Micrel Semiconductor Inc. Milpitas, CA

  • Short consulting roll analyzing Micrel’s EDI requirements.
  • Options presentation to CIO.
  • Found appropriate resource for work.


2002 – 2007, Oncology Therapeutics Network, South San Francisco.

  • EAI development  and operations in Tibco Integration Manager,  Java Script
  • EDI development (10,000 transactions/day, 20+ documents, workflow, management of 30+ trading partners) and operations migrated from Gentran to Tibco Business Connect, Java script.
  • Oracle development (Vr. 10g PL/SQL, SQL+, Sqlldr, and other Oracle tools) supporting daily loading (25,000 records/day) and analysis of medical data.
  • Data warehouse development. ETL and development of supporting algorithms for business intelligence using star schema in Oracle vr. 10g.
  • Workflow for Informatics in PERL coordinating communications, database I/O, progress and error reporting, and operational support.
  • Development of ETL workflow and algorithms (PERL & PL/SQL) for comparison of medical clinic license and address data supporting efforts to correct government (DEA & HIBCC) data for private clinics.
  • Create Test beds (PERL) for sales transaction data in support of EDI and ERP/CRM software development.


2001 – 2002 Contracts to McKesson Corp(PERL) & Wells Fargo Bank (PL/SQL), San Francisco

  • Workflow development and operational management for Gentran EDI. Operations support for  20,000 documents/day with many dozens of trading partners using PERL, and Sterling Commerce’s “ConnectMailbox”.
  • Support and upgrade for ConnectMailbox including recovery and conversion of data from new to old format in PERL.
  • Architecture consulting and performance tuning for large scale EDI environment with PERL workflow.
  • Decision support application package: Oracle/PL/SQL, SQL+, SQL Loader development in support of small business loan intelligence analysis. Acquisition of large scale industry business data, analysis of customer data in comparison to industrial data, etc, generating decisions on million-dollar lines of business.


2000 – 2001 Xuma Corp., San Francisco.

  • EDI (Evision) in support of multiple clients. Workflow in PERL.
  • ETL and legacy conversion, in support of client legacy databases with newer web/oracle-based store fronts (PERL & PL/SQL).
  • PL/SQL code generator in PERL in support of ETL for various clients.
  • Matrix analysis algorithms (PL/SQL) in support of client CRM.
  • Star schema and supporting algorithms for data mining, business intelligence, and client data warehouse.


1993 – 2000 Headlands (later Greenpoint) Mortgage, Larkspur CA.

  • Complete EDI suite (15+ documents (X12 & proprietary) 25+ trading partners, 6,000 txns/day) in PERL with PL/SQL I/O including full acknowledgement, reporting, retransmission, non-repudiation, and encryption support
  • Development of DBMS (Oracle) Pipes and sockets (PERL, Java, C)
  • Developed first, in industry, fully automated loan origination system with X12 documents through to DBMS insert and local printing of credit reports in PERL and PL/SQL.
  • Operational support for all above development work, and all corporate data communications access in and outbound.
  • Operation and extension of corporate-wide centralized FAX server with 7500 page/hr capacity. Development of extensions to this system permitting corporate-wide access via email.
  • Reverse engineering of Fannie Mae serial data and resulting replacement of expensive proprietary system with emulator under company control using PERL.
  • Legacy conversion (100+ tables, 1,000K+ records) from DataFlex to Oracle in PL/SQL with coordinated PERL workflow. Hand tuned and extended PL/SQL generated by early version of Oracle Migration Workbench (OMW).
  • Development of batch acquisition structure for large scale industry application in Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Developed corporate-wide remote procedure triggering using email for unix (sendmail) and MS Office email using REXX on OS/2. Permitted agents throughout the U.S. to print reports and forms from remote corporate data to local printers without direct connection to corporate network. 


1985 – 1993 American Express Life Assurance, Novato CA.

  • Early claims system management (DataFlex)
  • Database design (Supra) for new claims system, re-write in Mantis.
  • DBA (Supra)
  • Development of EDI system for exchanging lead and sales data among Amex dedicated sales offices nationwide (MLink and various other terminal emulation languages)
  • HR and payroll development and operational support for 2 years using Revelation (a Windows-based PICK emulator).


1982 – 1985 Datacom, Advanced Information Management, Petaluma, CA.

  • Napa County fleet cost accounting system, data model design and system implementation, testing, production cut over, and user training in report development.
  • Russian River winery inventory and production control software, schema design and software prototype.
  • Multiuser terminal emulation software for DEC RSTS OS.




1980 M.A., San Francisco State University, San Francisco. Philosophy, symbolic logic


Other references on request.


Contact: Matthew Rapaport. Mobile (707) 477-2774; Email