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Updated July 2009

Software developer, writer, editor. In 28 years of professional experience I have been all of these.

Recent work includes:

The work above represent the last 12 years of development, mostly with Oracle (PL/SQL, and all other related Oracle development tools), and Perl, a powerful work and data flow language. If the previous example is a bit long here is a short program that gets a web page source and returns all URLs on it to STDOUT.

In the 13 years preceding I worked for American Express and others where I gained experience in over a dozen DBMS systems, served as DBA, and developer in 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation languages on micro- mini- and mainframe platforms. My complete resume is linked here, while a resume focused on my 15 years in EDI is here. Earlier work includes:

From 1989 to 1991 (while working for American Express) I authored a column on the subject of DBMS procedural languages for "Computer Language Magazine" (subsequently named "Software Development" published by Miller Freeman Corp. of San Francisco). During the course of this work, I was privileged to twice interview Edgar Codd, inventor of the Relational database. These two interviews were published in two Miller Freeman publications (1990) and later in "DBMS Magazine" (1993). In 1991, I published a book: Computer Mediated Communications (ISBN 0-471-51642-2 1991 John Wiley and Sons publisher).

I continue my writing to this day. Recent articles include:

  1. High Volume Reporting
  2. Legacy Conversion and Data Migration workflows
  3. Middleware and its Impact on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
  4. EDI Architectures and their relation to other parts of the corporate enterprise.
  5. Workflow in the Business of E-discovery, or finding a relevant set in a pool of largely irrelevant documents.
  6. The Data Driven Workflow Model. Workflow without explicit inter-application mapping.

Besides technical articles, I have also published a few reviews of books by:

At this time, April 2008, I am looking for work as software developer, writer, or editor. I am an engineer at heart. If I can help with software or technical documentation requirements, or if you seek a writer/editor, please feel free to contact me here via e-mail

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  • Here is a picture of me taken at Xuma Corporation in 2001